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Relax. You are Enough!

Are YOU feeling down on yourself?

Recently, I’ve heard from several people who feel badly about themselves because they have fallen short of their own expectations, or because life hasn’t turned out as they wanted. I can relate having felt this myself.

If this is you, please give yourself a break.

From a spiritual perspective, your worth is inherent. All are One in Spirit. Divine perfection. There is no need to prove your value. God, and people who see you through the eyes of love, don’t care what you do for a day job, how much you earn, that you don’t look like Beyoncé, and that you haven’t won a Nobel Prize.

They love you because you are matchlessly you! They love you because you listen to, and spend time with, them. They love your smile and laugh lines, unique quirks, tender heart, and wacky sense of humor. They believe in you even when you’re feeling shaky and vulnerable. As much as outer achievements, wealth and looks are praiseworthy, what you do matters less than who you are and whether you live your Truth no matter the circumstances in which you may find yourself.

With all of the violence, divisiveness, hatred and aggression that are headline news, the world needs you to be kind to yourself and to stop the war within. Be gentle and accepting of human limitations and frailties. Stop giving your sweet self a hard time. Choose self-love and acceptance. And, remember that, in a perfectly imperfect way, you are enough.

“Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil, nor spin. . .” Luke 12:27


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