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Spring Tips for Staying in Harmony with the Wood Element

Updated: Mar 4

Spring resonates with the Wood Element and is the season of new beginnings, creation and expansion! Here are a few simple ways to move with the powerful creative energy of Spring.


1.     Try to see the big picture.


2.     Take action.


3.     Focus on what you can control.


4.     Be flexible.

Adapt to changing circumstances and find creative alternatives when obstacles arise.


5.     Do some Spring cleaning to clear out clutter and release stagnant energy.


6.     Move your body.

Exercise and movement practices improve flexibility, release accumulated tension, and help Qi to flow. Pay particular attention to the sides of your body by doing lateral movements to target the gallbladder energy pathways.


7.     Reduce screentime.

The liver meridian connects to the eyes.


8.     Connect with nature.

Wood energy is abundant in the natural world and spending time in nature promotes a sense of inner harmony.


9.     Eat for the season.

Continue to eat cooked food, seasonal and bitter greens, such as dandelion, spinach, arugula, chard, and sprouts. Eat radishes to help move liver Qi and sour foods, such as citrus fruits—lemons, limes, grapefruit—to stimulate the liver.


10.  Wear a light scarf to protect yourself from strong wind.

Wind is the weather associated with Spring. On the energetic level, wind is a pathogen

that can invade the body, especially around the head and neck area.


11.  If you’re feeling anger and frustration, release them in healthy ways.

Try exercise, movement practices, journaling, visualization, venting to a trusted friend/therapist/alternative practitioner, practicing forgiveness or do a simple releasing ritual.

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