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Year of the Wood Dragon

We are past the halfway point between Winter and Spring.  Whatever has been gestating within us, during winter’s hibernation, is beginning to stir. The Aquarius New Moon on February 10th will herald the Lunar New Year of the Wood Dragon. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the wood element corresponds to Spring when what has been suspended in a liminal space experiences renewal. Like the miracle of Spring, where new life emerges from what appear to be lifeless forms, the dragon symbolizes miracle energy. It symbolizes power, natural gifts from a deep connection to the mystical realms, rebirth, renewal, hope, transformation and new beginnings. The dragon is the only animal in the Chinese zodiac that is a mythical creature. In the mythic realm, there are no limits. The dragon is fearless. Anything is possible! 


Remember, the energy symbolized by the Wood Dragon will be with us for an entire year and we are still “in between” Winter and Spring. Slow moving Pluto, the planetary energy of deep transformation via decay, death and rebirth, only recently turned direct. The Spring or Vernal Equinox—when the seasonal energy supports action / the phoenix energy of rising from the ashes—arrives on March 19, 2024. So, I want to remind you (as I remind myself) to have patience and hold on tight to your dreams and visions. Allow the space and time for the miraculous to fully take root and then unfold. 


Remember also that stretching beyond old limits to meet new opportunities often involves challenges, not the least of which is confronting your own resistance. Don’t interpret obstacles as failure. Recently, I have been hearing from people who are feeling increasingly dismayed with stuck situations which they had hoped would be resolved by now. Many people are feeling desperate for change both personal and collective. Give yourself permission to be in a state of not knowing and trust in divine timing. 


Happy Lunar New Year blessings to you! May the Year of the Wood Dragon bless you with magical opportunities for growth, expansion, prosperity, good health and good fortune. 🐉

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