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Custom Guided Imagery
Audio Visualizations and Meditations

“It’s beautiful. I will treasure my guided imagery. 

You did a great job. I enjoyed working with you. 

You are very professional and helpful.

If I meet others who would like 

a custom guided imagery, may I send them to you?”—Mary G


I create custom guided imagery audio visualizations to support your specific health and evolutionary needs, such as relaxation, deep healing, letting go, strengthening self-worth, feeling safe, weight loss, fitness and other goals. 


Imagery is very powerful. When we imagine, it is a projection of and takes place in the mind. Whatever takes place in the mind, affects the body because the body is the intersection of the visible and the invisible. Just think of when your thoughts are wild and you are feeling very stressed. You may notice tightness, tension and even pain in the body. 



Custom is key

We are not one size fits all. Not every medicine works for everybody.


I listen deeply and we collaborate to find what has meaning and importance for you; what touches your heart. Someone can tell you that an image is lovely or effective, but if you have no connection with it, or a negative association, the image will not strike a chord with you.

It is all about what resonates with you.

Guided imagery is multisensory. It engages all of your senses, not just the visual sense. So, it is experienced not only in the mind, but throughout your body. 


I want to share a beautiful illustration of the importance of customization: Many years ago, I read Kitchen Table Wisdom by Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D. I was deeply touched by many of her stories and especially by one about her work with a man, who had received a cancer diagnosis and was having trouble sticking with the guided imagery he had developed in a training program. Dr. Remen was consulted and asked the man to tell her about his imagery. The man unfolded a drawing of a shark with an open mouth and sharp teeth. Daily, he was to imagine tiny sharks swimming through his body attacking and destroying any cancer cells that they found. In the program, he had come up with other images, but was told that they were not the “right” sort of image. 


Dr. Remen asked what his first image had been. The man answered, “Not vicious enough.” His image was a catfish. “With growing enthusiasm, he described what catfish do in an aquarium. Unlike other more aggressive and competitive fish, they are bottom feeders, sifting the sand through their gills, evaluating constantly, sorting waste from what is not waste, eating what no longer supports the life of the aquarium. They never sleep . . .” This function, Remen explained, was similar to that of the immune system which patrols “the Self/Not Self boundary constantly, discerning what is self from what is other, never sleeping.” Cancer cells have lost their unique DNA signature and a healthy immune system attacks them. So, his image was an especially fitting one! 


The man went onto explain that “catfish grew big where he had been raised, and at certain times of the year, they would “walk” across roads.” This had struck him as a miracle. As a child, the man had also kept several catfish as pets. Remen astutely asked the man, “what is a pet?” He replied that a pet is something that loves you unconditionally. Concluding the story, Remen wrote that, “This imagery touched him deeply and it was not hard for him to remember it. . .He did his meditation daily for a year.” The man made a full recovery. 



A Great Gift 

A custom guided imagery audio makes a great gift to yourself or for someone you care about who may be going through a difficult time or a health crisis. 


Audio is delivered in MP3 format. You can listen to it on your computer, cellphone, tablet or other device. 


Cost varies based on length and other factors, please reach out to set up a 10-minute call with me to discuss your individual needs. 





Some benefits of custom guided imagery:


  • Relaxation and deep rest. Many of us find it difficult to relax deeply. Guide imagery can help you to calm the mind and relax the body creating a physiological state that is supportive of healing.


  • Healing – when we engage our heart and mind, it has profound impact on the body.




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