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Services Offered

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karmic astrology consultations, workshops and guest speaking. 

Spiritual Healing Guidance

Spiritual healing guidance sessions help clients release blocks to experiencing wellbeing on the physical, mental and emotional levels. Through a combination of energy and conversation, healing sessions illuminate what has not been fully acknowledged and support the client in opening his or her heart to that aspect of the inner life, allowing what is painful to be held, and warming what has been frozen so that energy may begin again to flow. 


A karmic astrology consultation with Cynthia can help to get your compass pointing in the right direction by giving you the bigger picture. Readings zero in on unfinished business—the stuff that is holding you back—and the life lessons at the heart of your soul’s transformational growth. Readings offer specific guidance for making better choices to support your growth, transformation and alignment with your soul’s intentions for this lifetime. 

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Speaking and Workshops

Karmic Astrology Consultations

If you are looking for a speaker on spiritual, mental and emotional self-care for your group, or can connect me to an opportunity, please contact me


I have presented to women’s groups on the topics of spirituality and healing, and the art of transformation. As a guest speaker for “Live Your Life with Pulmonary Fibrosis: A Peer Support Program™ of Pulmonary Wellness Foundation, I spoke on the topic of “Changes and Anxiety: Caring for our Mental and Emotional Health” to very positive reviews. 


"As the co-developer of a peer support group for patients living with a chronic disease, I couldn'tbe more pleased with my choice to have Cynthia Revesz as one our guest speakers. Cynthia listened openly and attentively to the objectives we hoped to achieve during her talk and was very dedicated in her preparation and delivery to the group in order to meet those objectives. She found a beautiful balance between sharing information with the group and allowing discussions and questions to flow naturally, or go in the direction participants needed. Repeatedly the participants shared positive feedback about Cynthia's talk and in particular were grateful for the tangible tools and resources Cynthia shared with us on combatting mental and emotional anxieties. Cynthia's empathy and compassion was evident throughout her entire talk as well; creating the space patients needed to talk about their chronic disease in an open and comfortable environment. If you're considering a guest speaker, I'd highly recommend Cynthia Revesz. She will demonstrate commitment and compassion to your needs, and the needs of your program participants from beginning to end. We look forward to having her join us for future talks!" —Charlene Marshall


In 2018, I contributed guided meditations, visualizations and inspirations to a cutting edge online pulmonary rehabilitation program of Pulmonary Wellness Complex available through the Pulmonary Wellness Foundation. Here are videos of two of the guided meditations that I offered. If you or someone you know has chronic pulmonary issues, the program is available online and also being used to help those suffering from Long Covid.