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Karmic Astrology Consultations

A karmic astrology consultation with Cynthia can help to get your compass pointing in the right direction by showing you the bigger picture. Readings zero in on unfinished business—the stuff that is holding you back—and the life lessons at the heart of your soul’s transformational growth. Readings offer specific guidance for making better choices to support your growth,  transformation and alignment with your soul’s intentions for this lifetime. 



“Although initially skeptical about this, I admit I was awed. 

Cynthia’s insights into my life, personality and struggles were precise and accurate, and occasionally almost embarrassingly perceptive. Her guidance on meeting future challenges was specific and rang true. I won’t pretend to understand how Cynthia came to this understanding. Astrology and karmic energy are alien to my beliefs and worldview. I looked for obvious generalizations that could apply broadly, but there were few. She sounded like a friend or therapist who had known me for many years. Cynthia delivered her thoughts with kindness, warmth and gentleness, and left me with a lot to think over..”

— Bruce Berkman



Karmic astrology consultations begin with the understanding that we came from somewhere; this is not our first incarnation. If the idea of reincarnation is not in your wheelhouse, another complimentary point of view is that you have a past and are at the forefront of your bloodline. Encoded within your genetic material, made of up of DNA, is your ancestral inheritance passed to you from your parents and, before that, to each of them, from their parents, and so on. And, because energy can neither be created nor destroyed, we experience some combination of the effects of our own past personal experience and our ancestral and collective inheritance. 



“Cynthia instantly puts you at ease with her gentle and caring manner. 

Her perceptive insights, knowledge and understanding astounded me with their accuracy and resonance to my personal life experience. I found the experience to be healing, supportive, thoroughly enjoyable and fun too.”

—Christina F.



Although you cannot change the past, you can change how it lives within you! A karmic consultation brings light to patterns and potentials. So, you can make conscious choices to interrupt old limiting, worn out patterns and move toward new, brighter potentials that best support your soul’s evolutionary growth. 


Karmic Astrology Consultation (50 to 70 minutes) $200 (phone, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype)

Follow-up Mentoring Sessions (30 minutes) $75 

(must be booked within two weeks from date of Consultation)


Email to schedule a consultation.

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