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Cynthia Revesz / Essential Balance

Self-care is necessary for health and wellbeing!
It starts with recognizing and valuing your self. 

Spiritual, mental and emotional self-care are vitally important for your wellbeing!

In this time of great changes on the Earth, with the atmosphere of instability, uncertainty and aggression, valuing your spirit—that within you that knows the oneness of all things—is more important than ever. When our inner environment is a place of peace, love and wellbeing, the energy of that ripples out through our lives in our physical health, how we relate to others as human beings, and how we take care of the planet. 

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I am an essential balance facilitator. I hold safe and sacred space, inviting you into heart centered consciousness, while creating an atmosphere for healing. I work with individuals and groups and am available for guest speaking, offering inspiration and insights from the heart and human perspective. 

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