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Understanding Seasonal Energy

Updated: Feb 26

We can learn so much by observing natural cycles and interrelationships in the environment and in ourselves. Thinking of the seasons as simply weather is only a surface level comprehension. Understanding seasonal energy more deeply can help us to see our interconnection with all of life. We humans are Spirit and are an integral part of its visible and invisible expression which is continually moving and unfolding.


More than 5000 years ago, Taoist spiritual adepts came to understand everything is composed of the same invisible substance which is called Qi. Qi is most often explained as energy or life force. This energy contains intelligence or information with a purpose. The physical body is composed of this life force energy which forms pools to create the organs, and other systems, of the body and to sustain it. In modern times, scientists have shown that energy and mass are interchangeable; they are different forms of the same thing. Matter is just another form of energy and it is constantly vibrating.


In the changing seasons we can observe and sense the slow, subtle movement of Qi. As Winter gives way to Spring, the peak Yin energy of Winter—the cool, dark, feminine, passive, and receptive —is transforming into the Yang energy of Spring—warm, light, masculine, active, and assertive,—which will reach its peak in the heat of Summer. According to Taoism, the more in harmony we are with nature, the healthier we will be.


Are you in tune with the flow of the seasons? Do you notice the way the seasons affect you? How do you naturally adapt to seasonal change?


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