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You Have the Power!

The ability to choose is an immense power. Each day, we make countless choices that have an impact on our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Whether we are promoting health, harmony, happiness, and conscious evolution is up to us.


If you’re feeling powerless, consider this:


 Making a single poor food choice will not kill you. But, over time, continually choosing to eat processed or sugary foods and avoiding healthy, natural, whole foods, will gradually erode your physical health.


Occasionally denying yourself something that makes your soul sing will not kill you either. But, over an extended period of time, choosing to trample your spirit will slowly squeeze the life out of you.


“Your life begins to change when you change something you do every day.”(John Maxwell) 


Real and lasting change is incremental. When you make conscious choices that support wellbeing, gradual shifts lead to enduring transformation. Decide and then follow through. Make a small change or mental shift. Stick with it. Keep at it. Consistency is key.


Remember, the invisible is more powerful than the visible. Consciousness can change matter. Subtle things—such as your intent, motivation, mindset, thoughts, and perspective—are highly potent and you are free to change them, if you choose.


“In the universe there is an immeasurable, indescribable force

which shaman call intent, and absolutely everything that exists

in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link.”—Carlos Casteneda


Tune into your heart and let it guide your choices including how you respond to what life presents. Remember that “[e]very passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.” (Vanilla Sky). Remember that you have the power.


I can choose. . .

I can choose my attitude.

I can choose to see things from a different perspective.

I can choose how I see myself.

I can choose to be happy.

I can choose to be grateful.

I can choose to feel loved.

I can choose to be love.

I can choose to look at mistakes, missteps and failures as learning experiences.

I can choose how to respond

I can choose to experiment with my own life.

I can choose to trust.

I can choose to allow things to unfold.

I can choose to rest

I can choose to slow down

I can choose my passion.

I can choose joy.

I can choose to turn my mind away from negativity.

I can choose not to worry.

I can choose to nurture myself.

I can choose to be in harmony with what is.

I can choose to be relaxed.

I can choose to be confident.

I can choose. . .


How might you choose differently, so that your choices support your Essential Balance?


“By becoming a conscious choice-maker, you begin to

generate actions that are evolutionary for you.”—Deepak Chopra


“Every thought is a seed. If you plant crab apples,

don’t count on harvesting Golden Delicious.” —Billy Meyer, baseball manager/coach



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